How To Take Care of Braces

take care of braces

Welcome to your braces journey! We know there’s a lot to remember when you first start, like what you can and can’t eat with braces. You may have heard some special instructions on how to care for your braces, did you forget them? No worries! We’ll walk you through how to take care of braces! 

How To Take Care of Braces

Did you know that? Not only do they straighten your teeth but they help correct bite alignment issues and overcrowded teeth! This is important because these issues can often cause other problems such as an increase of plaque, and difficulty removing it, which can lead to gum inflammation and cavities. 

Taking good care of your braces can help prevent damage to the brackets themselves, but more importantly, the teeth underneath as well. We want to help you learn the basics of orthodontic care, along with recommendations from your dentist, to keep your teeth and gums happy during your treatment time (and beyond)! 

Choose The Proper Equipment

We know that may sound odd, but having the right tools will ensure you are able to take care of braces much easier. 

From toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and mouth rinse there’s a lot to choose from! Your trusted local orthodontist will recommend the best products for your needs. Choosing the right tools will eliminate bacteria that like to hide in the brackets and between teeth. 

When selecting floss, you need to find a type that will fit between your teeth and along the wires of the brackets. If you’re wondering how to floss with braces, we’ve got you covered. 

Looking for fresh breath? We know food gets trapped, and even after flossing it may leave behind an unwanted odor. We recommend using mouthwash! With that said, we do suggest staying away from bright red or green dyes as they may discolor the metal materials of the brackets. 

Last, but not least, you need to pick the right toothbrush to best clean your teeth. During your braces treatment we suggest using a soft bristle toothbrush. These types of toothbrushes are more gentle on your teeth and gum. You most likely will be brushing your teeth more, so we don’t want to be as gentle on them as we can! 

You’ve picked the right tools – time to move on to when you should be using them!

Brush Like You Mean It

We know brushing has been part of your daily routine before, at least we hope so, however you may need a refresher on the best ways to brush your teeth with braces. It’s similar to how you did it before, but also different. 

Brushing your teeth with braces requires you to take time to get behind every bracket to ensure no food particles are left behind. Remember the soft bristle toothbrush we talked about earlier? It will be your best friend during treatment. Using your soft bristle toothbrush, and gentle pressure, you will have a sparkling smile all during treatment and long after! 

Here are some steps to take while brushing teeth with braces:

  1. Rinse mouth with water to remove loose food particles
  2. Angle toothbrush along gums to remove food
  3. Angle toothbrush on the top of the brackets, facing down, to lift away leftovers
  4. Place toothbrush against the bottom of the brackets while bruising upwards
  5. Brush every tooth in your mouth, front to back, to remove bacteria. 

Floss Like A Boss

After doing your research, and listening to your orthodontist, you should use floss at least one a day. Flossing the right way with braces can prevent problems like bad breath and tooth decay. 

Here are some tips on the best way to floss with braces:

  1. Use a long section of thread to reach the back of your mouth
  2. Stand in front of a mirror 
  3. Use your fingers to slip the floss between your teeth and under the wires
  4. Don’t pull on floss while it is underneath a wire
  5. Change to a new section of floss once it has debris on it
  6. Rinse your mouth afterward to remove loose debris 

Routine Maintenance With Braces

During your treatment time you will be visiting your orthodontist for adjustments and check-ins. However, there is one other appointment you should be making, a dental cleaning! Regular visits with your general dentist with your braces are an important step in treatment. 

These routine checkups are necessary to help spot cavities and any sign of gum disease that may happen due to improper care of braces. Your dentist or hygienist are knowledgeable about cleaning teeth with braces on and can even give you a few more pointers to help keep your teeth healthy! 

Start Your Braces Journey

Starting your braces journey is exciting and we know you have tons of questions! If you are ever unsure of what to do, don’t be afraid to ask! We want your orthodontic treatment to go as smoothly as possible. 

Interested in starting your braces journey? We’d love to chat! Schedule your free consultation at any of our 15 offices across Southeastern Wisconsin. We are proud to provide high-quality orthodontics at an affordable cost