What Can You Eat with Braces?

What Can You Eat with Braces

Now that you have your braces it’s important to know, how do you take care of them? Proper care of your braces throughout your entire treatment is so important. One of the major parts everyone thinks of is what can you eat with braces?

It’s a great question! You already have a lot going on in your life, throwing braces into the mix can be a big change. Don’t worry, there are plenty of braces safe foods, and substitutes that are sure to please. Eating with braces shouldn’t be difficult, to keep you motivated about what you can eat with braces, it’s important to know which foods you should avoid and which ones you can enjoy.

We know you want your braces off as soon as possible to show off your new smile, and to do that you’ll want to avoid foods that can damage your brackets or bend the wires, as that can lengthen your overall treatment time. Below is a quick guide for what you can eat with braces and what you should avoid.

5 Worst Foods for Braces

  1. Gum – We’re starting off on a sticky one, no pun intended. Some orthodontists say gum is okay and others don’t. We suggest that if you do want to chew gum opt for sugar-free gum. While it can still dislodge the wires, it can also make the movement of your teeth more comfortable.
  2. Corn on the Cob – With summer approaching, sweet corn on the cob sounds great. However, this is another food you want to avoid with braces. Keep this on your list for one of the first foods to enjoy after your braces are removed, it’ll be worth the wait!
  3. Ice – It’s not technically a food, we know, but it is a fan favorite to chew on. In general, chewing on ice isn’t great for teeth, but it’s especially bad for braces. The hard corners of ice can cause multiple brackets to break, which means more time in our office.
  4. Popcorn – While it looks harmless, popcorn can be the single worst food to eat with braces! Why? The kernels can become lodged between your gums and the brackets and cause minor discomfort. While it can be cleared by flossing, if it’s there for an extended period of time your gums can begin swelling and your brackets and wires might have to come off to clean!
  5. Hard Candy – This can be a tough one for some, but straying away from jolly ranchers and others like gobstoppers is a great way to protect your brackets. These are the main culprits for breaking brackets, especially when you bite down hard. If you can’t stay away from them, suck on the candy until they dissolve to ensure you won’t break any brackets.

What You Can Eat with Braces

So now that we’ve told you what food to avoid with braces, let’s talk about what foods you can eat with braces! Below, is our handy list of what foods you can eat with braces and which ones to enjoy!

Eating With Braces Infographic

Life With Braces

We know life can get crazy and accidents happen, that’s why we’re the experts and we’re here to help! If you notice swollen gums, even after following these do’s and don’ts, we can help guide you better to see what fits your life.

If you’re a patient struggling with swollen gums or any other issues, we want to hear from you to help adjust your customized treatment plan. If you’re still thinking about braces or Invisalign, we’d love to learn more about you and your orthodontic goals and create a customized treatment plan for you! Schedule your free consultation today with Wisconsin’s #1 Invisalign provider.