At Bubon Orthodontics we customize your orthodontic braces treatment to you and your lifestyle! We treat qualifying patients at any age. In fact, our oldest patient at Bubon Orthodontics was 82! We know there’s a variety of reasons adults seek orthodontic treatment, and it’s never too late to achieve the smile of your dreams. We work one-on-one with each patient to ensure a personalized approach to orthodontics.

Affordable Braces: A Modern Approach To Smiles

Bubon Orthodontics is known for our modern and highly efficient setup while offering quality, affordable braces to our patients. We customize orthodontic treatment to meet our patients’ individual needs throughout their journey with braces. No two patients are the same, meaning no two orthodontic treatments will likely look the same. Bubon Orthodontics works to ensure that each patient is receiving the best treatment option for affordable braces.

Traditional Braces Treatment

Bubon Orthodontics works with patients to ensure that their traditional braces treatment is affordable. The average cost of braces in Milwaukee, WI is $5,800 – $6,800, yet our average cost for orthodontic treatment is $4,800 – $5,800. On average, Bubon Orthodontics offers treatment 30% lower than local competitors. Learn more about the cost of braces.

Beyond Braces

Bubon Orthodontics specializes in many types of orthodontic treatment. With services like Dental Laser Technology and TMJ treatment, our office helps ensure that all patients are looking and feeling their best.

Once your braces are on, our office will teach every patient to understand proper care and maintenance. When rare situations arise, Bubon Orthodontics is available to help patients handle emergencies.

About Orthodontic Braces: The Path to Straighter Teeth

Orthodontic treatment with traditional braces can be successful at any age. One of every four patients at Bubon Orthodontics is over 21!

We make orthodontics fun for everyone, but we know being excited about straight teeth can be most challenging with our youngest patients. That’s why we keep kids engaged and informed at every stage of the process. They can even customize their own appliances with colors, stickers, glitter, and more! We offer warm and inviting offices complete with video games, play areas, and room to just be a kid.

Types of Braces

Traditional Stainless Steel Braces

Traditional braces are our most common braces treatment option. Traditional braces consist of small brackets that are glued to the surface of your teeth. With this option, patients are able to choose colored bands!

traditional metal braces

Clear Braces

Clear braces, also known as ceramic braces, are similar to metal braces but they use clear or tooth-colored brackets rather than metallic silver brackets. Clear braces are a popular choice as they are less noticeable than metal braces.

clear braces

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating braces, similar to Damon braces, use brackets or clips to hold the wires in place instead of the traditional elastic ties. Self-Ligating braces can move teeth at a faster rate than traditional braces.

self ligating braces

adult braces

Adult Braces: A Perfect Smile At Any Age

While it may seem an option only for children, adult braces are becoming an increasingly popular way to straighten teeth. Adult orthodontics allows those above the age of 21 to straighten their smile and keep them in good health for decades to come!

Adult braces can be used to achieve a better smile, they can also have other benefits as well. Braces can help address other dental concerns such as an uneven bite that may be causing jaw problems, or gaps between teeth that can affect the overall gum health.

Gain Confidence

Studies have shown that people with straighter teeth have more confidence. When you gain confidence in your smile through adult orthodontics, you no longer have to be self-conscious about the way your smile looks.

You’ll find yourself smiling bigger and brighter – we believe everyone deserves that!

Treatment Options

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way since you were a child. When you meet with our experienced orthodontists, your treatment plan will be customized to you. Braces have come a long way, as they have become smaller and more powerful.

If the look and feel of traditional metal braces still isn’t your style, you can choose from clear braces, WildSmiles braces, and self-ligating braces!