Braces Before and After Photos of Our Patients

See some amazing results of our braces before and after photos of patients who have completed orthodontic treatment with Bubon Orthodontics!

abby hansen face beforeabby hansen face after
Abby Hansen Before Teeth 3 e1640274516974Abby Hansen After Teeth 2 e1640274561280
alyssa kelling beforealyssa kelling after
Alyssa Kelling Before Teeth 3 e1640274667453Alyssa Kelling After Teeth 2 e1640274711892
ann bermann beforeann bermann after
Ann Bemann Before Teeth 2 e1640274761822Ann Bemann After Teeth 2 e1640274796346
Dillon Culver Before Face 2Dillon Culver After Face 2
Dillon Culver Before Teeth 2 e1640274881287Dillon Culver After Teeth 2 e1640274921587
Elijah Grajkowski Before Face 2Elijah Grajkowski After Face 2
Elijah Grajkowski Before Teeth 3 e1640275069205Elijah Grajkowski After Teeth 2 e1640275156922
Hannah Vanderhei Before Face 2Hannah Vanderhei After Face 2
Hannah Vanderhei Before Teeth 2 e1640275205471Hannah Vanderhei After Teeth 2 e1640275255849
Jeremy Leibfried Before Face 2Jeremy Leibfried After Face 2
Jeremy Leibfried Before Teeth 2 e1640275342912Jeremy Leibfried After Teeth 2 e1640275369247
Kathryn Swanson Before Face 2Kathryn Swanson After Face 2
Kathryn Swanson Before Teeth 2 e1640275426268Kathryn Swanson After Teeth 2 e1640275463304
Keera Setum Before Face 2Keera Setum After Face 2
Keera Setum Before Teeth 2 e1640275583243Keera Setum After Teeth 2 e1640275639118
Leah Ruplinger Before Face 2Leah Ruplinger After Face 2
Leah Ruplinger Before Teeth 2 e1640275728412Leah Ruplinger After Teeth 2 e1640275762982
Madelyn Martin Before Face 2Madelyn Martin After Face 2
Madelyn Martin Before Teeth 2 e1640275971638Madelyn Martin After Teeth 3 e1640275999387
Marin Beck Before Face 2Marin Beck After Face 2
Marin Beck Before Teeth 2 e1640276052764Marin Beck After Teeth 2 e1640276079840
Michael J. Fischer Before Face 2Michael J. Fischer After Face 2
Michael J. Fischer Before Teeth 2 e1640276162670Michael J. Fischer After Teeth 3 e1640276195799
Nicole Ninnemann Before Face 3Nicole Ninnemann After Face 2
Nicole Ninnemann Before Teeth 2 e1640276239976Nicole Ninnemann After Teeth 3 e1640276278715
Preston Hall Before Face 2Preston Hall After Face 2
Preston Hall Before Teeth 2 e1640276331994Preston Hall After Teeth 2 e1640276377494
Susmita Dutta Before Face 2Susmita Dutta After Face 2
Susmita Dutta Before Teeth 2 e1640276446576Susmita Dutta After Teeth 2 e1640276480917