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Why Choose Bubon Orthodontics For Retainers?

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Types of Orthodontic Retainers

Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers are made of a clear, plastic material, that is taken in and out each day. These retainers are made 30% stronger and more durable than other leading clear retainers. They are custom-fit to your smile and are made to be less noticeable so you won’t notice it when you’re sleeping!

Bonded Retainers

We’ve found that removable retainers can be difficult for some patients to keep on top of, which is why we offer bonded retainers. This type of retainer is fixed to the back of the teeth, meaning it won’t ever be forgotten!

Vivera Smile Protection Plan

Teeth retainers are crucial in keeping your new smile looking its best year after year. We offer our Vivera Smile Protection Plan to every patient, and non-patient to help keep your smile looking great! This protection plan is a commitment to our patients in helping your smile stay where you want it. 

With our Vivera Smile Protection Plan, if your clear retainers ever crack, break, warp, dissolve, get eaten by a pet, sucked up by a vacuum or no longer fit due to dental work, we’ll replace them!

Even if you weren’t a Bubon Orthodontics patient for your braces or Invisalign, or never had orthodontic treatment, you can still enroll!

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Maintain Your Smile Investment With Teeth Retainers

Without proper retention, your teeth will naturally want to return to their original position. The gums and ligaments surrounding your teeth act like rubber bands that want to pull the teeth back. Regularly wearing your retainers can prevent this from happening. 

We use Vivera retainers to help our patients keep their teeth straight. Vivera’s are made by the same makers of Invisalign. They are custom-fit aligners with a virtually invisible look. We love using Vivera on our patients as they are a great fit for people who have had a wide variety of treatments – from metal braces to Invisalign.

Are you looking for replacement retainers after they were lost or broken? No worries! We can help you replace your retainers in no time. We understand it’s not always the most fun thing to do, but we promise to get your replacement retainers to you as quickly as possible to avoid your teeth from shifting!

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