Why Do Dogs Chew Retainers

dogs chew on retainers

We’ve all heard the excuse, or maybe even have said it ourselves, “my dog ate my homework!”. It’s an excuse heard around the world! While that’s a common excuse, another common real-life scenario we often hear all about is dogs chewing up retainers! This is a not-so-fun experience, we know! So, why do dogs chew retainers?

Why Do Dogs Chew Retainers?

While we know retainers don’t resemble bones or other dog-favored chew toys, it seems dogs are attracted to the smell of the retainer! Sound a little gross doesn’t it? It’s just your dog’s way of being closer to you! The smell of the materials the retainers are made of along with the smell of your saliva makes for a perfect combination of an irresistible toy for your furry friend. Dogs have as many as 100 million smell receptors that make their sense of smell more powerful than ours. They may see your retainers as a potential snack, based on the scent, and can destroy them in a matter of minutes. 

dogs chew retainers
dogs chew retainers

Sounds super sweet and nice when it’s put that way doesn’t it? We’ve all been there when your dog chews something to smithereens that they shouldn’t have, we know it’s stressful. To ensure your retainers say intact and your dog doesn’t find a new, expensive, chew toy there are a few steps you can take! 

Caring For Your Retainers

Dogs chew retainers because they are left out in a place they are able to reach it. This is the only way dogs can get hold of your retainers and destroy them. While you always want to be careful to not sit or step on your retainers, you want to take the same precaution when it comes to where you are placing them with a pet in the house. 

You know you should be wearing them and you should keep them out of reach of your dog, but do you know how to properly look after your retainers? There are 2 safe spots for your retainers: your mouth or the case. If your retainers aren’t in your mouth they should be in your case otherwise they can be easily thrown away or your dog could chew them

Why Are Retainers Important?

As we often say, we want you to retain your smile for life! You worked hard for your new smile and we want to make sure it stays where it is! Wearing your retainers is the most reliable way to preserve the new placement of the teeth to ensure they don’t start reverting back to their original positions. 

Replacement Retainers

Need to replace your lost or destroyed retainers? Whether you were in braces, Invisalign, never had treatment or had treatment elsewhere we’d love to help you get back on the path to retaining your smile for life! Schedule your free consultation at any of our 15 offices across Southeastern Wisconsin today!

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