What Is TMJ?

What Is TMJ

What is TMJ?

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the joint on each side of your head that is used every time you talk, yawn, and chew. TMJ disorders can cause pain in your jaw and in the muscles surrounding the movement of your jaw. We’re here to help you determine what is TMJ disorder, how it can be affecting your daily life, and work together to treat it.

Symptoms of TMJ

Symptoms of TMJ disorder may include:

● Pain or tenderness of your jaw, face, or ear area
● Locking of the joint
● Extreme facial pain
● Difficulty chewing or pain while chewing
● Clicking of jaw joints

While this isn’t an extensive list of symptoms, the exact cause of an individual’s TMJ disorder can be difficult to determine.

Causes of TMJ

There are a few causes that can lead to TMJ disorder:

● A history of jaw injury
● Chronic pain due to grinding and clenching teeth in your sleep
● Rheumatoid arthritis inflammation

In many cases, the cause of TMJ disorder isn’t clear and can be undiagnosed. If you have any of the symptoms described above, it is recommended to see one of our orthodontists to help relieve your discomfort.

Treatment for TMJ

Thanks to advanced technology, there are several treatment options through orthodontics for TMJ disorders.

● Stress management techniques
● Wearing a nightguard to reduce grinding and clenching
● Pain-relievers or anti-inflammatory medications
● Mouth exercise

After the pain has been relieved, we move on to orthodontic treatment that will improve the long-term stability and function of the mouth.

While TMJ surgery is an option, our doctors prefer to use splint therapy to treat TMJ disorder. These oral splints are created to help relieve the pain of overly compressed TM joints.

If you’re suffering from TMJ pain, there are several options to attain a healthy and beautiful smile pain-free. Our team of experts will help relieve your pain and help with long-term stability. Schedule your free consultation today to learn about your TMJ treatment options through orthodontics!