National Children’s Dental Health Month

national childrens dental health month

National Children’s Dental Health Month

At the beginning of each February, the yearly celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month begins. During this month the American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes dental professionals while increasing awareness about pediatric dental hygiene. 

First celebrated on February 8th, 1949, National Children’s Dental Health Month became a month-long commemoration in 1981. This month focuses on prevention awareness and educational programs that will help motivate parents, as well as other adults, to recognize the seriousness of children’s dental disease.

Why is Children’s Dental Health Month Important?
  • Prevent crowded teeth
  • Avoid tooth decay
  • Creates familiarity in a dentist office
  • Promotes healthy gums

Taking preventive steps, in childhood, can help towards a happier and healthier mouth down the road! 

Children should visit their dentist for their first dental exam no later than the age of 7, the same age to visit an orthodontist. Visiting in their early years allows dental professionals to offer preventive care that will be easier to correct at a young age. 

We understand that parents practicing proper oral hygiene with their children can feel a lot like pulling teeth. However, the importance behind it is well worth it. Below are 2 ways to practice proper oral hygiene with your children!

Brush and floss together

To start the excitement around their daily routines – do it together! Showing them it’s part of your regular activities will encourage them to make it part of theirs! 

Arts and crafts projects

On the ADA’s website, they provide fun activities surrounding National Children’s Dental Health Month including puzzles and coloring pages for kids. Making it fun is another great way to gain their attention! 

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