Notice Something Different?

Family Friendly orthodontics

You may have noticed a color enhancement of our Bubon Orthodontics logo. After almost a quarter-century of having the same colors (and almost just as long having our current logo), we have decided to freshen up our look. While we will always appreciate where we started, we never want to stop growing and enhancing in every aspect of our business. Our modern advancements in our industry are more than just in orthodontic treatment. We want to grow and adapt so we can continue to extend the high-quality standard of care to our most important asset- you, our patients! This means modern and advanced technology and treatment methods, comfortable and convenient locations, as well as a high standard of presentation through our website, office, and team. Representing that we extend the best care in every aspect of our family-friendly practice.

Our new logo represents a continuation of our family-friendly operation coupled with an ongoing effort to improve in all facets of our business so that we can serve you better!

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