5 Ways To Celebrate Getting Braces Off

celebrate getting braces off

We believe every step in the braces journey should be celebrated, from when you first get them glued on to the day you take them off! The day you get your braces off is a major milestone that’s worth celebrating! This is your day. We’re here every step of the way and can’t wait to celebrate with you! Below we’ve listed 5 fun ways to celebrate getting braces off. 

Photo Central

There’s never been a better time to snap all the selfies and show the world your smile! We suggest documenting this exciting time by capturing it as much as you can. From your first selfie once the braces are off to hiring a professional photographer to mark this moment in your life, take all the pictures! This could be the perfect time to update family photos and take your new profile picture.

Crunch Crunch Crunch

You heard us right, eat everything that’s crunchy that you’ve been (hopefully) steering away from while you’ve had braces. It’s time to enjoy those delicacies again! Start with gum, of course, and move on to your other favorites you’ve been missing. Now is the time to enjoy the crunchy side of food again! Pretzels, chips, and let’s slip in some veggies like carrots; everything in moderation of course. 

Flossing Is A Breeze

You’ve built up some great oral care habits with braces, let’s keep it up! While your oral care routine shouldn’t change it has just become way easier. We don’t want you skipping any steps but we can celebrate the fact that flossing just became way easier without your braces! Now that flossing became easier you’re much less likely to walk around with spinach stuck in your brackets, score!

Pearly Whites

While you’ve been crushing brushing your teeth with braces, at the end of the day we know it’s hard to reach every spot with that metal in the way. A great way to celebrate getting braces off is making those pearly whites even whiter! Whitening your teeth after getting your braces off can correct any areas you may have missed and help you show off your smile more! 


Every activity you do to celebrate getting braces off doesn’t have to be braces-themed. Now is the time to treat yourself! Splurge on something you’ve been wanting, go out to a fancy dinner or spend time with loved ones. This is your special time and we think you deserve to be celebrated! 

Interested in Getting Braces?

Whether you’re a teenager wearing conventional metal braces or an adult wearing clear braces or Invisalign, you deserve to celebrate the achievement of aligning your smile. It takes dedication and attention to successfully straighten your smile. Congratulate yourself, and spend hours admiring your new smile. You’ve earned it. 

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