Braces-Friendly School Lunch Ideas

braces-friendly school lunch ideas

Summer has come and gone and now your mind is shifting from beach days to what to pack for school lunch. We know your days get busy and finding braces-friendly school lunch ideas can be difficult when your child has recently started treatment. Eating foods harmful to braces can prolong treatment time by causing the brackets to break or loosen over time. We’d love to share braces-friendly school lunches to make your days easier! 

Some Foods To Include For Lunch

  • Fruit
  • Sliced bananas with peanut butter
  • Yogurt
  • Sliced meats
  • Soup
  • Eggs
  • Sandwich

Some Foods To Avoid For Lunch

  • Hard foods such as nuts, apples, and carrots can have enough force in the bite to break off the bracket.
  • Chewy foods like caramels, toffees, and fruit bars can stick around the bracket and cause it to break off the tooth.

We Love These Braces-Friendly School Lunch Ideas 

Traditional braces can positively impact your child by boosting their self-esteem and enhancing their bite. We know new orthodontic treatment comes with some adjustments, and what you can and cannot eat is one of them. Don’t stress – plenty of nutritious and delicious ideas are also braces-friendly. 

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