Why Straight Teeth Matter

straight teeth matter

47% of people say the first thing they notice about someone is their smile. Having straight teeth goes beyond our smile-obsessed culture, it helps improve your overall oral health. There are many reasons why straight teeth matter! 

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Whether you choose braces or Invisalign, there are major health benefits to improving your oral health! Oral health is directly related to your overall health and can play a major role in your quality of life. Here are some main health benefits:

Healthier Gums

Straight teeth allow you to brush and floss your teeth easier, helping to reduce the amount of plaque. With crooked teeth, plaque can easily get stuck between the teeth and brushing isn’t always able to reach it. When plaque hangs around for a while it can cause inflammation and inflection in your gums. You are able to clear away the plaque around your teeth to help reduce the likelihood of having gum disease.

Strong Jawbone

When you have space between your teeth it can cause your jaw to become misaligned which can create unwanted pressure on your teeth and gums. When your gums and teeth have unnecessary pressure, it can begin to break down the bones which can lead to pain and tooth loss. When you have straight teeth and a healthy bite, your jawbone will be strong and your bite will be healthy. 

Reduced Risk of Tooth Decay

As we mentioned before, crooked teeth are harder to brush and floss. With this, it leads to a higher risk of tooth decay. When you have straight teeth and can get in the nooks and crannies to get at all the plaque, you are getting rid of the bacteria that erode the tooth enamel. 

Improves Ability to Chew Properly

When your teeth are straight and your bite is properly aligned you are able to chew and speak properly. Are you having pain while chewing? It could be caused by a misaligned bite and crooked teeth! Having straight teeth allows you to productively chew to eat a well-balanced diet which leads to an improvement in your overall health. 

Social Benefits of Straight Teeth

Remember how we said 47% of people notice a smile when first meeting someone? That’s not the only social benefit of straight teeth. Unfortunately, our society places a lot of importance on a smile, but beyond that, how you feel about your smile is the most important!

Improved Confidence

Often we hear patients say they feel self-conscious about their smile and don’t have a ton of confidence. During the course of treatment, as we see each patient grow, we also see the growth in their confidence. Straight teeth often create a big boost in one’s self-esteem and there are positive psychological effects that come from getting orthodontic treatment. The long-term effects of orthodontic treatment improve your oral health, overall health, and most importantly, your confidence! 

Treatments For Straight Teeth:

Are you thinking of starting your journey towards straight teeth? That’s great! There are a few options you can choose during your treatment. When looking to get straight teeth you can choose:


Invisalign has helped straighten over 12 million smiles using their patented clear aligners. The aligners are custom-made, nearly invisible, and created by a 3-D scan of your smile. Invisalign fits around you and your lifestyle – wearing it for 22 hours of the day. You are able to remove the aligners to eat and drink and brush your teeth as you normally would. 


While you may only be thinking of traditional metal braces, which are also a great option, you can also choose between clear braces, self-ligating or WildSmiles braces. Clear braces are transparent, making them an almost invisible way to straighten your smile. Self-ligating braces use brackets that hold the wire in place without the need for the traditional elastic ties. WildSmiles braces allow the patient to choose braces that best represents their personality with four different shape options! 

Starting Your Journey To Straight Teeth

Not only will a straight smile turn heads, but it will also boost your confidence and overall health! Have you been thinking about orthodontic treatment but are not sure where to start? With 15 offices across Southeastern Wisconsin, you can schedule your free consultation to learn about your treatment options!