Smile Protection Plan

Retainers are crucial in keeping your new smile looking its best year after year. We offer our Vivera Smile Protection Plan to every patient, and non-patient to help keep your smile looking great! This protection plan is a commitment to our patients in helping your smile stay where you want it.

With our Vivera Smile Protection Plan, if your clear retainers ever crack, break, warp, dissolve, get eaten by a pet, sucked up by a vacuum or no longer fit due to dental work, we’ll replace them!

Even if you weren’t a Bubon Orthodontics patient for your braces or Invisalign, or never had orthodontic treatment, you can still enroll!

We use Vivera retainers to help our patients keep their teeth straight. Vivera’s are made by the same makers of Invisalign. They are custom-fit aligners with a virtually invisible look. We love using Vivera on our patients as they are a great fit for people who have had a wide variety of treatments – from metal braces to Invisalign.