Dr. Maylani Evangelista

Southeastern Wisconsin Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Maylani Evangelista, a dedicated orthodontist whose treatment philosophy centers on delivering the highest caliber of care while tailoring each approach to the unique goals and concerns of her individual patients. Her greatest source of fulfillment stems from the meaningful interactions she shares with her patients, knowing that she plays a pivotal role in crafting their beautiful smiles.

Dr. Evangelista’s expertise extends to the specialized fields of orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics, where she has dedicated herself to achieving excellence. Her educational journey led her to the University of Minnesota, where in 1999 she earned her Master of Science degree, equipping her with a strong foundation in her field. She wasn’t done there, she continued her studies at Marquette University. Here, she achieved not one, but two significant milestones: a certificate from Advanced Education in General Dentistry in 2000, and a second Master of Science degree with a specialization in Dental Biomaterials in 2006. 

Her pursuit of advanced knowledge and skills exemplifies her unwavering dedication to providing the best possible care for her patients. Dr. Evangelista’s standing as a certified member of the American Association of Orthodontists further underscores her commitment to orthodontic excellence.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Evangelista is a devoted wife and mother of two wonderful children. Her family is at the heart of her life, and she actively supports her children’s sports and activities, cherishing the moments they spend together.  

Dr. Evangelista also finds joy in her personal interests, including a passion for travel that has allowed her to explore the wonders of the world. She also enjoys testing her skills on the golf course and is on a journey toward achieving her black belt in Taekwondo, embodying the principles of discipline and perseverance in both her personal and professional life.

Dr. Evangelista’s journey has been unwavering and shows her dedication to the field of orthodontics, her love for her family, and her drive for personal growth and achievement. She is a passionate and caring practitioner who positively impacts her patients.