What To Know About Invisalign SmartTrack Technology

invisalign smarttrack technology

Since the invention of Invisalign, comfort has been at the forefront. Invisalign’s clear aligners gave patients an option to straighten their smile without drawing attention to their treatment. Along with not drawing attention to treatment, Align took eight years to create the most comfortable clear aligners on the market. With their patented SmartTrack technology, Invisalign aligners help you straighten your teeth without notice and more comfortably. How much do you know about Invisalign SmartTrack technology?

Invisalign SmartTrack: What Is It?

SmartTrack material was created by Align Technology as a blend of materials designed specifically for Invisalign’s clear aligners

  • Consistency – applies a gentle and consistent pressure
  • Comfort – fits snugly and securely over the teeth
  • Control – able to move teeth more precisely 
  • Speed – treatment time is reduced 
  • Predictability – straightens teeth with more reliability 

Invisalign SmartTrack: How Was It Designed?

While Invisalign is a powerhouse in the orthodontic industry, that doesn’t happen overnight. Invisalign has dedicated years of time and resources to create their patented SmartTrack material to provide the best results. Align Technology spent 8 years dedicated to creating SmartTrack, millions of dollars in research, over 260 materials tested, and decades of experience in biomedical technology. 

Invisalign SmartTrack: Does Is Break?

Have you ever wondered how the clear aligners fit over your teeth without breaking? Invisalign clear aligners were designed to stretch over your teeth and return to their original shape once they are in place. Invisalign SmartTrack technology has improved the elasticity of previous materials used so that your aligners maintain their snug fit during your whole treatment time.

While they are made of solid plastic, they can still break. To prevent damage, remove the aligners before eating or drinking, and store them safely in their case. 

Invisalign SmartTrack: Straightening Your Smile

Straightening your smile has never been easier! Invisalign allows you to transform your smile without others noticing. Invisalign treatment fits into your life – allowing you to continue enjoying the foods and drinks you like. You never have to worry about having food stuck between your braces! 

SmartTrack technology makes this transformation easier and more efficient. SmartTrack has improved the control the aligners have to provide more precise movement of the teeth by 75%. The SmartTrack material delivers a low-intensity tooth movement to provide an improved fit and precision compared to other clear aligner brands.

Invisalign SmartTrack: Is It Safe?

Yes! Since bursting into the orthodontic world in 1998, Invisalign, and its various patented technology has been FDA approved. Years and years of research went into making the medical-grade materials specifically designed for the clear aligners. The plastic is made with durability and flexibility in mind. They are made to withstand damage or breakage while wearing, cleaning, or storing the aligners. 

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