What to Expect at Your Orthodontic Consultation

Have you been looking into orthodontic treatment and wondered how you would even get started? Nerves are common when it comes to any medical appointment – just remember that the first appointment is the first step toward your new smile! At Bubon Orthodontics we want you to feel at ease and part of our family the second you walk in our door. Below is what to expect at your orthodontic consultation!

Arrive at Our Office

When you arrive at one of our 15 locations you will be greeted by our patient care specialists. They will welcome you to our office, confirm we have all the information we need, and offer you a spot in our waiting room.

Then, your treatment coordinator will introduce themselves and walk you back to the consultation room to begin your orthodontic consultation. This consultation can take up to 60 minutes to ensure all your questions are answered. 

The Orthodontic Consultation

Your treatment coordinator will begin by learning more about you and what brought you to our office. If a dentist referred you, we will review that referral and proceed with the consultation. If not, our treatment coordinators will ask you about any concerns you may have regarding the look and function of your teeth. If you’ve had any dental problems in the past, now would be the time to mention it! 

The next step your treatment coordinator will take you through is collecting your orthodontic records. This includes an x-ray and pictures. These records help your experienced orthodontist create your custom treatment plan. Once completed your treatment coordinator will send those records to your orthodontist to begin creating your treatment plan. 

Once your orthodontist reviews your concerns, your records and speaks with your treatment coordinator, they will determine the next steps. For some patients, the doctor will recommend holding off on treatment. This can be because your child doesn’t need orthodontic treatment at this moment. While it’s never too early to examine your child’s teeth and jaw, an experienced orthodontist can determine if it’s too early to begin. 

Your orthodontist may also defer treatment for teenagers and adults if there are any signs of jaw injuries or disorders, gum disease, or poor oral health. These issues need to be corrected first before any placement of orthodontic appliances. 

If your orthodontist determines you are a good candidate for orthodontics, they will move you on to the next step. 

What Happens After the Orthodontic Consultation?

Your treatment coordinator will provide a simple summary of what was discussed and how your orthodontist would like to treat you with a customized plan. From there your treatment coordinator will begin talking about the cost and timeframe for treatment. 

We pride ourselves on making orthodontics affordable and accessible to all. We will work with you on the cost of treatment – we provide flexible in-house financing to fit the cost into your budget! 

Considering Orthodontic Treatment?

There are many advantages of orthodontic treatment and we would love to talk to you more about them! Schedule your free consultation at any of our 15 locations in Southeastern Wisconsin!