What Can I Eat With Braces?

Girl Braces Strawberries

What to do after a braces appointment and how to set up for a successful time in braces may seem, to some, as a mystery. At Bubon Orthodontics we’re here to help make this transition as seamless as possible.

Your time in braces is filled with adjustments—and not just the braces adjustments that occur at your orthodontist appointment! You will need to make several lifestyle adjustments while you wear braces, one of the most notable adjustments being your menu.

Eating With Braces

Asking “What Can I Eat With Braces?” after your orthodontist appointment will save you from potential damage to your new braces. Certain foods can increase the risk of a bracket or wire breaking. This could mean an extra trip to the office and may even slow down your treatment time.

There are a lot of foods that you can eat with braces and a bunch of websites that offer both adult and kid-friendly recipes! For example, Super Healthy Kids offers a week’s worth of meal plans for someone new to braces. A breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner option are outlined for each day. The site includes recipes for items such as homemade pudding, creamy polenta, chili, miso soup, grilled tofu, and homemade applesauce and smoothies. Another weekly menu plan for braces-wearers on this site offers recipes for entrees such as slow-cooked herb beef and gravy, lemon-dill baked cod, veggie bean soup with spinach and whole wheat blender pancakes. Maybe looking for a little more variety? Pinterest always has tons of braces friendly recipes!

Good luck and happy eating!