Orthodontic Retreatment Options for Adults

When meeting new, potential patients we repeatedly hear that they came to us to straighten their teeth and feel confident with their smile. We also notice that some complain about waking up with headaches that can be caused by tooth-grinding at night. No matter your reason for seeking orthodontic treatment, orthodontics is for everyone at every age! You may be thinking – hold on I did that already! You aren’t alone if you have previously gone through treatment but may need it again. Orthodontic retreatment for adults has become increasingly popular. 

As science and technology have evolved, we have learned that information provided to patients years ago has changed. Now, we say your retainers are for life! Here at Bubon Orthodontics, providing affordable orthodontics to Southeastern Wisconsin, we keep our practice up to date on the latest technology to ensure you are receiving the best care available. 

Who Needs Orthodontic Retreatment?

Orthodontic retreatment is for patients that are facing what we call orthodontic relapse. 

It may sound scary, but we promise it’s not! It really just means that your teeth have shifted back toward their initial position. You’re not alone. This is very common, almost 50% of cases have some form of orthodontic relapse. It’s why we now strongly recommend wearing your retainer for life! It’s also why we’ve created our retainer program to help maintain your smile.

Why Am I Facing Orthodontic Retreatment?

Orthodontic relapse/retreatment occurs when retainers were used infrequently or not at all. Without the support and structure of the retainers to keep the teeth in their desired position, they have a natural tendency to move back.

The truth is, many assume that treatment ends once they finish braces or Invisalign. Unfortunately, that only concludes the end of in-office treatment. As long as you want your teeth to stay, your orthodontic treatment never ends – what is referred to as your retention stage of treatment. Following up with proper wear of your retainer is just as essential for your long-term orthodontic success. 

Once your braces or Invisalign is complete, the teeth, jaw, and surrounding gum tissue still need time to settle in their new positions. This is where your retainer comes in! 

Will I Need Braces Again?

It depends! If you’ve finished treatment in the past year or so and have seen some backward progress, you’re dealing with a short-term relapse. We may be able to issue a new retainer to best fit the new landscape of your teeth and help gently shift them back, or keep them from moving further. 

If you have been out of treatment for more than a year you are in a long-term relapse and that will require a new course of treatment. If you have had braces in the past, and aren’t looking to have adult braces, there are other options! 

Invisalign is a great option for adults in need of orthodontic retreatment. The clear aligners allow you to straighten your teeth without the look of metal braces. Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that apply gentle pressure to the teeth with each aligner. As Wisconsin’s #1 Invisalign provider we can easily, quickly, and affordably help you achieve your best smile! 

Why Choose Retreatment?

We know it can be frustrating to look in the mirror and feel like all that earlier work was for nothing. We completely understand it may look like that, but it’s not! After all, your teeth and jaw know now where they should go and it’s simply reminding them that’s where they should be. 

Even if you have a case of long-term relapse, odds are your retreatment plan will advance much more quickly than the initial case. 

Schedule Your Orthodontic Retreatment

Our experienced orthodontists believe you deserve the best version of your smile. We’re ready to help you get back on track! 

Our orthodontic consultations are always free to help you determine the best choice for you. Schedule your free consultation online at any of our 15 locations across Southeastern Wisconsin. 

Interested in Invisalign for retreatment? You may qualify for our discount Invisalign program, Clear Convenience! Ask about it at your consultation!