How to Avoid Losing Retainers At School

losing retainers at school

Back-to-school is right around the corner, can you believe it? You’ve finally finished your braces journey over the summer and have started wearing your retainer. It can be a dreaded feeling when you can’t find your retainer after a meal and are looking through the trash – now throw in school dumpster diving! We’ve got some tips to help avoid losing retainers at school.

Avoid Losing Retainers At School

Bright Colored Case – Choose a case that has a bright color that will always remind you to put your retainers in it before eating and also remind you to pick it up off the tray before dumping your lunch out! 

Don’t Wrap It Up – It may seem like a quick and easy fix, but wrapping it up in a napkin can make it super easy to accidentally throw out your retainers. More often than not, you forget it’s in there and assume it’s trash! If you’re trying to keep it out of sight, put it in your case.

Be Consistent – When you do something consistently it becomes a habit and harder to break. If you make a conscious effort to do it every time in the beginning, it will soon become second nature to always place your retainers in the case. Making it a habit will make it less likely to lose your retainers! 

Wear It – Wearing your retainer when you’re supposed to, is the easiest way to keep track of it! You’re much less likely to have to dumpster dive if you always remember to place it back where it belongs when you are done eating. 

While losing retainers at school can be avoided, we understand that it does happen. If your child does lose a retainer please call our office right away! We will help you with the next steps in replacing it. We want to help retain your smile for life!