Choosing an Orthodontist

choosing an orthodontist

When it comes to straightening your teeth there seem to be many options. From direct-to-consumer brands selling the message of straightening your teeth at home, to your general dentist, there are many factors in who you choose to be your orthodontist. Selecting an orthodontist is a big decision, and ensuring you’re getting the best treatment available at the price you can afford is important! 

When choosing an orthodontist, you will want to determine who is best for you and your smile while keeping these 4 things in mind: 

Education and Experience

Orthodontists initially complete the same dental schooling as your general dentist, then they continue on with their education and training for an additional 2 years. They focus their craft on the movement of teeth and jaw development. As an expert in their field, orthodontists are able to better diagnose problems and create a custom treatment plan to fit your individual needs. 


When choosing an orthodontist you want to find one that has a friendly atmosphere. You are going to be spending a good amount of time in their office throughout your treatment and you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable at every visit. Finding an orthodontist that is caring, accommodating, and takes time to explain the process to you is crucial. 

At Bubon Orthodontics we are a family treating families. We have been locally owned and operated since 1993 and pride ourselves on creating lasting relationships with our patients and staff. Our first employee is still with us 30 years later! When you walk into our office, you are part of the family. 

Cost of Treatment

Knowing what the cost of treatment is going to be is another key part of choosing an orthodontist. While shopping around to different offices you want to be made aware of costs upfront to make an informed decision, along with what insurance they accept, and any discounts they may offer.

We understand orthodontic treatment is an investment, it’s why we pride ourselves on making treatment affordable. With treatment costs up to 30% lower than competitors, we also accept most insurance plans, offer flexible in-house financing, and a variety of discounts! 


During your treatment time you will, on average, have a visit every 4-8 weeks. Because of this, you’ll want to keep in mind an office that is close to your home for convenience. While some offices try to accommodate schedules, getting there may become more of a hassle the further the drive.

With over 15 convenient locations across Southeastern Wisconsin, your smile journey with Bubon Orthodontics has never been easier! With convenience in mind, our offices work together to schedule your appointment at the location nearest you. Whether it’s our Waukesha office during your lunch hour or our Mequon office on your way home; a Bubon Orthodontics may be closer than you think!

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Choosing an orthodontist can seem overwhelming, however, with the right orthodontist your treatment can be a breeze. Schedule your free consultation at any of our 15 locations to start your smile journey today!