National Children’s Dental Health Month

Childrens Dental Health Month

February means National Children’s Dental Health Month! The American Dental Association (ADA) first celebrated on February 8, 1955! It was one a 1-day event that was expanded to a week and then eventually into a month in 1981.

The reason we celebrate each year is to raise awareness that visiting a dentist regularly can help children have a great start on developing good oral health habits at an early age.

Debuting in Cleveland, Ohio, National Children’s Dental Health Month strives to provide useful information to children and parents about the importance of oral health.

Did you know that children should receive their first dental exam no later than one year of age and see an orthodontist by the age of 7? This allows dental professionals the opportunity to catch potential problems at a young age when they’re far easier to correct.

While we’re focused on children, parents play a big role in their oral health as well. We recommend parents monitor tooth decay, what thumb-sucking or other oral habits can do to tooth development, and how to get your child to become familiar with his/her dental office surroundings. As they continue to age, the focus should shift to the prevention of crowded teeth and healthy gums.

While it may be the focus of this month, we are passionate about this year-round. We will continue to support and educate our community of the importance of children’s dental health.

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