10 Best and Worst Valentine’s Candy for Braces

Best and Worst Valentines Candy for Braces

With Valentine’s Day coming up we want you to spread love while also loving your braces. Valentine’s Day can be tough for those with braces not knowing what they can and cannot eat. Valentine’s Day candy for braces can be confusing. Take a look at which treats to love and which to dump this Valentine’s Day.

✔️ Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts

These treats are soft and melty while being easy on your braces. Bonus: a small bit of protein helps counteract the sugar, right?

✔️ Hershey’s Kisses

While these are slightly harder, there will be minimal to no damage to your braces while enjoying a few.

✔️ Boxed Chocolates

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Fudge is perfectly safe for your braces. However, we want to stay clear of toffee, as it’s too hard, and caramel, as it’s too sticky.

✔️ Kit Kats

Proceed with caution. The mixture of soft and hard can be dangerous for your braces if you bite too hard at the right angle. However, these are still safer than some other choices.

✔️ M&M’s

Proceed with caution. The hard candy shell of the treat makes it more dangerous than softer chocolate. You are able to still enjoy these treats, however eat with caution.

🛑 Nerds
These hard and crunchy, full of sugar candy aren’t your best choice. While they are smaller than others and less likely to break a bracket, the possibility isn’t completely gone.

🛑 Lollipops

Looks can be deceiving. For the most part, you are just licking. However, once you get to the end a majority of us just can’t help ourselves. This is a dreaded combo of sticky and hard that is sure to break a bracket and cause an unexpected trip into the office.

🛑 Conversation Hearts

A Valentine’s Day classic! Sadly, these candies are just too hard and crunchy to enjoy with braces. Keep the conversation going and pass those along to a friend!

🛑 Fun Dip

While the delicious flavored sugar crystals won’t cause any breakage, bathing your teeth in pure sugar is putting you at high risk for cavities. Also, it’s very tempting to not bit the dipping stick, which should be avoided as it is hard and crunchy.

🛑 Tootsie Rolls

Run! These treats are SO sticky and SO sugary that these treats are a big no-no with or without braces! Avoid at all costs.

We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day and enjoy some safe candy for braces. Are you interested in starting your smile journey? Schedule a free consultation today!